Bluetooth speaker You should buy JBL Flip 6 over Sonos Roam

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The Roam is lightweight and perfect for carrying in a backpack or tote. However, it has a smooth, polished finish that somewhat justifies the price. However, the smooth surface is non-slippery and does not attract dust and lint. It’s easy to hold in your hand, put in your pocket or tote bag. And the IP67 design is the icing on the cake. Easy to bring along to a pool party or beach vacation. The only drawback is that it has no loops or strap openings, making it difficult to carry while walking.

It is equipped with the latest Bluetooth specifications and has a sturdy body. And just like the Sonos Roam, it’s lightweight and offers quality audio. So let’s get down to the simple question. Should you invest in the JBL Flip 6 over the Sonos Roam? Find out in this post. Compare the Sonos Roam and the JBL Flip 6 to find out which of his Bluetooth speakers is right for you design and connectivity. Design is one of the defining elements of a speaker. Sound quality is good, but you don’t need heavy form factor or loud speakers. Thankfully, the Sonos Roam and JBL Flip 6 come in slim, lightweight form factors.


  • Sonos also sells a dedicated Qi wireless charging pad, but you’ll have to purchase it separately. The Sonos Roam looks sleek and sophisticated, while the JBL Flip 6 looks rugged and rugged. Like the previous model, it has passive radiators on both sides. It’s his 360-degree speaker, with the speaker grill extending all the way across the speaker except for the back spine. The good news is that it can be used vertically or horizontally.

  • The Roam isn’t a 360-degree speaker, but it has a flat tip so it can be used vertically or horizontally. When it comes to connectivity, Sonos has kept things new. Roam comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0. These two properties make it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. At the same time, Qi wireless charging adds to the experience. Yes you read that correctly! Sonos Roam supports Qi wireless charging and can be placed on the wireless charging pad to recharge the battery.

Despite its rugged build, the speaker is lightweight at around 1.12 pounds, making it easy to hold in your hand or slip into your pocket. The IP67 rating makes it dust and water resistant. Interestingly, this new generation Flip speaker is also salt tolerant, making it perfect for beach runs and parties. And guess what? The silicone case has excellent dust resistance, so you don’t have to worry about dirt sticking to the back of the grill. JBL is handling connection options properly. No WiFi, but Bluetooth 5.1.

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