August sees an update for the Windows subsystem for Android

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Below are further improvements made to the Windows Subsystem for Android. In the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app, new compatibility shims. Apps with superior behaviour update toast alerts as opposed to using progress toasts. Dialog boxes for user education in games that have compatibility shims enabled. Windows Subsystem for Android Settings compatibility page scrollbar fix Now being reported are user crash data and system app crash data. Toast indication for “No internet available” is now disabled. Toasts made with custom Android now render correctly. Utilize any Android applications on Windows 11? Check out our professional advice on how to acquire them if you haven’t already enabled them. Comment below and let us know how it goes for you.

The Windows Subsystem for Android has been updated and is now at version 2207.40000.8.0. All Windows 11 Insiders in all channels (that is, only those in the United States and Japan) are receiving WSA, the emulation layer that enables users of Windows 11 to access Android apps. The update includes a number of fixes for bugs and enhancements, including a new compatibility shim that allows apps to keep their aspect ratio while still supporting resizing, improved accessibility for the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app, and solutions for issues with resuming apps.


  • User crash data and system app crash data is now being reported “No internet available” toast notification is now suppressed. Custom Android toasts now render correctly. Are you using Android apps in Windows 11? If you haven’t already enabled them, check out our expert guide on how to get them. Let us know how it works out for you in the comment section.

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