Atari launches the new collection with More More than 100 vintage games

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  • With the release of Atari 50: The Anniversary Collection, there is a new avenue for Atari aficionados or those seeking a more traditional, retro gaming experience to find the answer. The collection contains over 100 different games, including brand-new ones, and as the name implies, it honors Atari’s 50th anniversary and the games that made their platform debuts. It is already accessible on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms. It will launch on the Atari VCS later this year.

The Atari Collection, which was first unveiled this year, is now entirely playable. The game reportedly had over 90 games to play at the time, but the current list indicates that there are actually over 100 games in the game. Tempest 2000, Asteroids, and Yars’ Revenge seem to be some of the vintage video games mentioned, but there are also six brand-new games.

After over 40 years, the developers at Digital Eclipse have finally released Sword Quest: Air Worlds, a new game in the illustrious Sword Quest series that was inspired by Todd Frye, the original inventor of the series. Who will be the first to eventually finish the mission and reveal their secret?

Haunted House – The original survival-horror game for the Atari 2600 becomes his 3D voxel-based sequel in modern times, with more houses, scary situations, and more urns.

With its four player fun in team or free-for-all modes, Quadratank, the first addition to the legendary tank series since 1978, combines the elements of the original game.

Asteroids, Tempest, and other Vector-based arcade classics are all combined into one continuous battle in the mashup tribute game VCTR-SCTR. Neo Breakout is a fantastic and compelling two-player multiplayer game that blends the greatest aspects of Breakout and Pong with a contemporary visual aesthetic.

Yars’ Revenge Reimagined: The masterwork for the Atari 2600 gets a brand-new aesthetic. You may always switch between the original visuals and the most recent ones!

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