At 3 p.m. ET today, Walmart will begin selling PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

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If you miss the first wave at Walmart, the retailer will typically release more at 10-minute intervals, then at 3:10pm, 3:20pm, etc., until they run out of stock. For best results, try reloading the page just a few seconds before 3:00 PM ET. Try opening the website or app on your mobile phone with a cellular connection to get another access. Even if you’re unlucky at first, claim it! Please be patient as the “Add to Cart” button may appear intermittently.

If you didn’t get a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, you might be in luck. Walmart will begin taking orders for Sony’s $499.99 PS5 Disc Edition and Microsoft’s $499.99 Xbox Series X today, December 13th at 3pm (online only). While some previous drops were limited to those paying for a Walmart Plus subscription, this one is open to everyone in the US – no additional charge required. It’s not usually the first time you get a worm, but that’s not always the case.


  • By logging into your Walmart account and making sure all your shipping and payment details are set up, you increase your chances of securing your console and can complete checkout if your PS5 or Xbox is in your shopping cart. If you just want the console, the link above will get you done. But there are some games and accessories you can add to your shopping cart now, so you can enjoy your PS5 or Xbox Series X even more when it arrives. Oh, and if you’re not sure if we’re already working on next-gen games, make sure the first thing you install on your new system is Epic Games’ awesome (and free) The Matrix Awakens demo.

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