Artificial intelligence-based cleaning is redefined by Dreame Technology

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  • The DreameBot D10s Pro, the newest AI-powered robotic vacuum cleaner from Dreame Technology, a market leader and rapidly expanding firm in smart home appliances, will be available in November. The DreameBot D10s Pro has AI-assisted obstacle recognition, cutting-edge LDS mapping, and strong 5,000 Pa suction strength to perform intelligent automatic cleaning.

The D10s Pro has a robust 5,000Pa suction power and a flexible rubber brush without bristles. It goes deep into the carpet to remove the dust that is beneath, lifts dirt off hard floors, and prevents tangling in hair. Clean your house completely. The D10s Pro is ideal for households with pets because of these qualities.

Despite being a baseless robot vacuum, the D10s Pro is packed with advanced AI and LDS obstacle avoidance (powerful tech often found in high-end products). With this technology, the D10s Pro offers a truly pragmatic approach to cleaning. AI accurately identifies and avoids obstacles, identifies spaces to recommend cleaning strategies, and quickly creates a map of your home for effective and efficient cleaning, leaving no spots unattended will do so.

D10s Pro intelligently detects and avoids obstacles in your home. Lasers detect the shape and distance of objects, and RGB cameras capture the surroundings to help AI detect various household obstacles such as power cords, toys, and more. Therefore, the D10s Pro reacts to different types of obstacles with a coordinated avoidance strategy, judging factors such as the robot approaching an obstacle to avoid getting into trouble. With the Dreamehome app, you can enable remote video surveillance to see your home from a robot’s perspective and check your home, pets, and even your kids from anywhere.

With the D10s Pro, Dreame Technology has taken a bold step to make AI-powered automated cleaning more convenient and accessible to everyone.

DreameBot D10s Pro is equipped with a 5,200mAh battery, which allows up to 280 minutes of continuous cleaning. When the power runs out, the robot automatically returns to charging and continues cleaning where it left off, ensuring it cleans your entire home.

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