Apptio’s new scheduling solution improves cloud spending forecasting for digital-first businesses

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  • Apptio, the industry’s top supplier of technology business management (TBM) applications, today unveiled Cloud Financial Planning, a cutting-edge tool that enables cloud leaders to produce precise, driver-based forecasts by taking into account planned future spending, shifting priorities, and other cost drivers. As a result, the forecasts for cloud spending are more dependable and defendable.

In order to build their cloud forecasts, the vast majority of FinOps practitioners currently have to deal with fragmented processes, which forces them to rely on ad hoc collaborative planning techniques, siloed data, and ill-fitted tooling, which reduces team ownership, visibility, and flexibility in their planning. Over the past 15 years, Apptio, a well-known pioneer in IT planning, has developed its expertise by collaborating with over 1,800 global customers to address challenging investment planning issues.

With this announcement, Apptio expands their market-leading capabilities to tackle the particular problems associated with cloud financial planning, breaking new ground with a planning solution that strengthens forecasting with business justification, takes stakeholder priorities into account, and has the adaptability to take into account changes as they happen.

This is what truly distinguishes Apptio Cloud Financial Planning from other solutions: instead of merely using historical data to forecast future requirements, Cloud Financial Planning gathers and analyzes team inputs, such as specific cost drivers, new investments, and mid-stream plan changes, to more accurately forecast and track spend for accountability. Additionally, it offers a groundbreaking collaborative workplace for involving stakeholders in the planning process.

Data analysis to enhance long-term planning The majority of businesses that absorb cloud consumption information lack the necessary tools to set up efficient cloud financial management procedures. Even businesses that completely comprehend this type of technology’s planning process are unable to use or efficiently handle the millions of rows of data from typical cloud usage reports. Although there are numerous methods for calculating the price of a given cloud resource, there aren’t many tools available that let users make plans that can be implemented and defended in the future.

Chief Technology Officer at Apptio, “With Cloud Financial Planning, we’re leveraging Apptio’s unique expertise and understanding of financial management processes and marrying it with our ability to ingest, analyse, and model cloud consumption data.” It’s important not only because we’re leading this category’s innovation but also because we’re giving our customers the tools they desperately need to scale with new technological paradigms. Decision-makers will be greatly assisted by these skills in involving stakeholders in the planning process and automating the aggregation of budget data to produce precise financial plans.

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