Apple Watch the news about the series 8 leaks: information about the new version and the design

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A more linear successor to the existing Apple Watch Series 7 is also anticipated. That appears to be the creatively called Apple Watch Series 8. And the new tweet from leaker ShrimpApplePro provides news regarding a small modification to the container design, and the Watch’s availability. There are five colour options for the Series 7: blue, green, starlight, midnight, and PRODUCT (RED). Only stainless steel watches, not aluminium watches, come in silver.

Will Series 8 abandon the green colour used in Series 7, as seen here? VINCENT PHELAN. According to several predictions, this will be Apple Watch’s most successful year ever. According to reports, Apple may release a new model with a different size and design, maybe dubbed the Apple Watch Pro, which might buck a pattern the company has followed since the release of the first Watch. According to a recent source, the next Watch will differ in numerous ways, particularly in terms of colour.


  • The leak claims that the PRODUCT(RED) shade is new. This seems likely. My understanding is that the colors change every year, including this one. Sometimes warmer, sometimes darker, sometimes pinker but always red enough to be called PRODUCT(RED).

  • But Series 8 aluminum looks like launching in fewer shades: starlight, midnight and PRODUCT(RED) with a possible addition of silver. No green or blue, then. So, yes, we’re only talking about the aluminum finish here: stainless steel comes in three shades, silver, gold and graphite, plus, for the Hermes edition, space black. The titanium finish for Apple Watch Edition comes in two colors, titanium and space black titanium. Previous rumors have said that the predicted Apple Watch Pro will replace the Edition. We’ll see. Google Discounts Pixel 6, Nest & Pixel Buds In Limited-Time Sale Event

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