An update to Google Chrome’s data privacy features is finally on the way

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At the same time, Google announced that it will move the option to delete individual cookies to DevTools. Thanks to this rearrangement, he claims the ability to delete individual cookies remains accessible to his web developers who are targeted at this level of granularity. Google goes on to add that the change will create a “clearer experience for users” as most users will visit the settings page to clear all cookies instead of individual cookies. In fact, removing the ability to delete individual cookies helps reduce the chances of accidentally damaging her website.

Google has announced that it has reconfigured privacy and security settings in the latest Chrome beta to streamline the ability to clear data stored by websites. Google claims the move will give web browser users more control over website storage settings and better understanding and control over their privacy on the web. Since Chrome 97 beta, the privacy and security settings page has been redesigned to allow users to delete all data stored on his one her website with one click.


  • Granular control over cookies is a feature primarily designed and used by developers, and DevTools will continue to provide access to more technical details “per cookie or per layer of storage” where appropriate. He adds that it becomes a natural home for the “can do” feature. ”

  • “We believe that by simplifying granular control over settings, the user experience will be clearer. By allowing users to delete individual cookies, we can prevent users from accidentally changing implementation details of websites and It may affect the user experience on this website, which can be difficult to predict,” Google explains.

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