An older Android tablet with Android Auto support has been converted into an Android automotive unit

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Developer Mishaal Rahman has managed to get Android Automotive up and running on an old Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e tablet, and in addition to the full OS deployed on the device, wired and wireless Android Auto support is also offered.

Google’s main wager in the current automobile industry is Android Automotive, which enables tighter service integration and comes pre-installed on car head units. Android Auto on a tablet with Android Automotive. Android Automotive Device That Supports Android Auto Android Automotive Device That Supports Android Auto Android Automotive Device That Supports Android Auto Android Automotive Device That Supports Android Auto Android Automotive Device That Supports Android Auto Android Auto, on the other hand, is a more widely used substitute as it is now present in more than 150 million vehicles. To function, it needs an Android smartphone.


  • While generic system images aren’t yet available for download, the developer says the project still requires a lot of extra work. For instance, the location access isn’t yet up and running, Google Maps sometimes crashes, and the weather widget isn’t showing any information.

  • In other words, if you were ready to give up on an old Android tablet because it sports outdated hardware, this project could breathe new life into it, essentially allowing the device to double as an Android Automotive head unit with Android Auto support.

For the time being, the only way to get Android Automotive in a car is to purchase a new vehicle where the operating system is pre-loaded. It goes without saying that Mishaal Rahman’s project would make the OS a lot more popular, though this isn’t necessarily the most convenient solution for beginners anyway.

Most likely, it’s all just a matter of time until all these shortcomings are resolved, so it remains to be seen how many people would deploy the system image on their tablets if and when the project is released publicly.

If you’re not necessarily interested in Android Automotive and Android Auto and just want the full version of Android behind the wheel, your old tablet can double as a head unit anyway, with plenty of car launchers on the Play Store ready to offer a driving-optimized experience.

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