AI Drug Discovery Company Elix initiates joint research with proprietary screening owner Technology SUPPLY OF SEEDS

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  • In its fast small molecule drug discovery process, SEEDSUPPLY suggests using binder selection technology, a novel approach to compound screening. Any protein or RNA complex can be screened using this method, which offers drug seeds for a variety of drug development targets, including those whose biochemical activity is challenging to detect.

Additionally, to increase the effectiveness and success rate of drug discovery processes, databases of binding compounds developed for certain drug target classes are used for target selection. Furthermore, databases provide more application possibilities.

Elix is ​​an AI drug discovery company with a mission of “Rethinking Drug Discovery”. To reduce costs and time while increasing drug discovery pipeline success, Elix focuses on using machine learning in projects targeting pharmaceutical companies, universities, and research institutions.

Elix has developed and released Elix Discovery, an all-in-one platform for AI drug discovery that provides everything from physical property prediction models and molecular design to consulting and implementation support in one package. In addition to providing current drug discovery support, Elix is ​​considering future in-house drug discovery activities.

Elix and his SEEDSUPPLY hope to leverage their respective strengths to reduce the cost and time of small molecule drug discovery, addressing goals that have proven difficult with traditional approaches to drug discovery.

In this joint research, SEEDSUPPLY will utilize Erics’ unique AI technology to significantly improve the efficiency of the screening process. Elix will integrate his SEEDSUPPLY’s wealth of data, especially on important drug targets such as membrane proteins, into AI training pipelines to advance the art of in silico techniques to search for compounds with superior properties.

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