According to the head of Xbox Game Studio, Forza Motorsport will revive the track

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Everything that has changed remains the same: the structure of the track, how the team works in different conditions, the surface of the track and the cars. 

Head of Xbox Game Studios, Tom Booty, has praised Forza Motorsport, the prequel to the Forza Motorsport series, as the eighth official Xbox podcast. We did a lot of testing with Forza Motorsport. This game is great and raises the bar on racing, especially in simulation and competitive games.  This word is very important for the second round of the tournament! Booty talked about how the production of racing has changed and hasn’t changed. No, now Rei has his sci-fi techniques such as tracing, so some things haven’t changed much.


  • Forza Motorsport will be available in his Spring of 2023, after which it will be available on Xbox, Xbox and PC. Just ten years ago, Forza Motorsports proved to be very advanced in graphics and physics. The studio says they spent a lot of time improving the tire behavior, resulting in a more realistic ride. The upcoming Forza Motorsport will have a redesigned Turn 10 pitlane to give players more customization options.

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