A very useful time-saving update is coming to Firefox for Android

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At the same time, users can also leverage biometric security, such as face or fingerprint, to unlock apps and securely access their online account credentials. Passwords saved in Firefox creating an account for any app on your Android phone not only makes it easy to access your saved passwords, but also allows you to create and add new passwords that are saved directly in Firefox. From here, you can use this new password on both mobile and desktop when logging into your associated online account.

Mozilla is making it easier for you to access your saved passwords from your browser as part of a new update coming soon to Firefox for Android. In honor of this year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the company has added several new features to Firefox for Android designed to help keep your passwords safe online. Mozilla browser users can seamlessly access all passwords stored in Firefox’s password manager. This means that you can use passwords saved in Firefox to log into your online accounts without opening a web page.


  • You can not. While these new password features help protect your online accounts, you can further protect your device by signing up for Mozilla VPN and using the company’s VPN service to encrypt the data sent from your smartphone.

  • Mozilla also offers a password autofill feature on Android, allowing users to log into their online accounts using any password stored in Firefox. However, if you have a Firefox Account, you can sync all your passwords across both your desktop and mobile devices. Access to Firefox’s password manager on Android can be made even more secure using your fingerprint or face, so anyone with a smartphone can use their saved passwords to log into their online accounts.

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