A new release date has been set for Marvel’s Midnight Suns for PC, Xbox and PlayStation

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However, the Switch version has yet to receive a release date. Developed by Firaxis Games, Midnight Suns will be familiar to XCOM fans. Players can control legendary heroes such as Doctor His Strange and Ghost His Rider, moving them to different locations on the map and strategically defeating enemies. The game also has a social component where the player takes on the role of a hunter, an original character who can interact with the Marvel Universe. 

After another delay, Marvel’s Midnight Sons has a new release date: Firaxis’ new Marvel strategy game coming to new-gen consoles and PC on December 2, 2022. The release date for the Switch version is undecided. Announced for 2021, Midnight Suns was originally scheduled to release on October 7, 2022, but the Switch version was released later. The title has been pushed back further to August and is now out in December.


  • His prequel animated short, which introduces his cast of main characters in the game, including Blade, Ghost Rider, Nico Minoru, Magik, and Iron Man, will premiere on October 31st. Midnight Suns has dates for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S, but we’ll have to wait until the proper Switch release date.

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