Zoom set to launch end-to-end encryption for all users next week

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All Zoom users, free and paid, will be able to use the end-to-end encryption functionality starting next week, as the videoconferencing company launches the first phase of a four-phase security plan. The end-to-end encryption feature will be available to both attendees and those hosting sessions with up to 200 attendees as a technical preview, meaning Zoom will seek feedback from users within the first 30 days of the feature’s launch.

“End-to-end encryption is another step towards making Zoom the most secure communications platform in the world. This phase of our E2EE offering provides the same security as existing end-to-end encrypted messaging platforms, but with the video quality and scale that have made Zoom the communication solution of choice for hundreds of millions of people, “said Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom said in a blog post.

Previously, the end-to-end encryption feature would have been made available only to paid users, but the privacy and security claim allowed the company to extend the functionality to all users.

Yuan noted that the end-to-end encryption feature has some limitations when it comes to compatibility with other Zoom features. “Enabling this E2EE version of Zoom in meetings disables certain features, including join before the host, cloud recording, streaming, live transcript, meeting rooms, polls, private chat 1 : 1 and reactions to meetings, “Yuan said. He added, however, that Zoom plans to roll out further improvements in 2021.

End-to-end encryption can be made mandatory by administrators and they will be able to change this setting at the user, group, or even the entire account level. Users will see a green lock on the screen if they are engaged in an E2EE conversation. Max Krohn, Zoom Security Officer wrote: “Zoom’s E2EE offering uses public key cryptography. In short, the keys for each Zoom meeting are generated by the attendees’ machines, not by Zoom’s servers. Encrypted data forwarded through Zoom’s servers is undecipherable by Zoom since Zoom’s servers do not have the necessary decryption key. This key management strategy is similar to that used by most end-to-end encrypted messaging platforms today. “

Zoom has announced that all users, free and paid, will be able to use the end-to-end encryption feature starting next week.

News Underline:

  • Zoom will launch its end-to-end encryption feature starting next week.
  • All users will be able to access the privacy function by entering the verification of their telephone numbers.
  • Zoom noted that the feature has its limitations when it comes to compatibility with other Zoom features.

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