YouTube Music for Android has received a free update

YouTube Music for Android has received a free update

So far, the only person with this update is the aforementioned Reddit user, who is running a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, and it’s unclear how long we’ll have to wait before seeing the update roll out more widely. It’s almost certainly time for a redesign at YouTube Music, which is somewhat of an afterthought for the massive streaming service. Spotify, Apple Music, and others are superior in a number of ways, as the redesign demonstrates.

If you use YouTube Music on your Android smartphone, you’re in for a treat since the company is reportedly considering an overhaul to how playlists function. The UI upgrade, discovered by a Reddit user (via 9to5Google), is significant, entirely overhauling playlists with more information visible, such as who made the playlist and when it was last updated, and larger cover art. Other changes include making the playlist’s name larger and placing all of the buttons — think download, play, share, and so on – on the same line.


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  • The most recent changes follow another recent redesign across both iOS and Android, this time changing Song Radio and playlist auto-mixes. When this update arrives, it’ll be nice to be able to see album artwork more clearly while having more convenient controls. It’s unclear if the changes will apply to the iOS version of the app as well. We’ve found the best music app subscription deals.