YouTube is facilitating the conversion of longer material into short films for artists

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In an announcement post for the feature, YouTube says that the finished Short will link to the full video it was clipped from, which could help make Shorts an ideal promotional tool for the creator’s longer content — a key incentive for them to dive in while YouTube continues testing monetization options for the feature. If a viewer enjoys a Short created with this tool, they wouldn’t have to go to the creator’s channel and search around for the full video.

The standard YouTube app is displaying a “Edit into a Short” option. With the addition of a new “Edit into a Short” option to its iOS and Android apps, YouTube is attempting to make it even simpler for creators to convert their longer videos into Shorts suited for the platform’s TikTok competitor. From the YouTube app for iOS or Android, producers will be able to choose up to 60 seconds from one of their videos and import it into the Shorts editor. From there, they can include text, filters, and more movies taken with the Shorts camera or taken from their photo bank.


  • YouTube has put a lot of focus on Shorts since it started rolling out the feature in 2020. It’s tried to incentivize creators to use the format by setting up a fund that paid creators if they uploaded Shorts. As TechCrunch notes, the company has also been padding out its library by converting existing videos to Shorts, as long as they were filmed vertically and under 60 seconds long. Last month, YouTube said that over 1.5 billion people watched Shorts each month.

  • Using the tool should be relatively simple. Image: Google Unlike other tools like Cut, which lets you use five seconds from a longer video in a Short, or Clips, which can be converted into Shorts, the Edit into a Short tool can’t be used on other users’ uploads. It’ll only show up in the Create menu if you’re viewing a video you uploaded.

YouTube’s post says the Edit into a Short tool will “allow you to bring fresh life to your classic content” and that access to it is currently rolling out. While it probably won’t completely replace more traditional video editing software when it comes to creating Shorts (like in an instance where a creator wants to splice together multiple clips from the same video), it could encourage creators to take a look at their back catalog and see if there’s anything that would work well as a Short.


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