Your phone settings affect whether or not you receive storm notifications

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Come daylight, she noticed downed trees in her neighborhood. “I looked at my phone and I didn’t get an alert,” Mason-Cluckey said. “It’s just real concerning that there were so many huge branches and trees.”  Julie Adolphson, meteorologist in charge at National Weather Service, said if people under a warning did not receive an alert, there’s only one likely explanation. “They will, or will not, make it to your phone if you have certain settings on your phone,” Adolphson said.

Many individuals wondered why they never received an emergency warning on their telephone as they awoke from the storms that blew over the Kansas City region early Wednesday morning. Sarah Mason-Cluckey resides in a Clay County townhouse. “Around 1:20, the lights flickered, and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s never happened before,’” Mason-Cluckey recalled. The threat had gone by the time Mason-Cluckey discovered Clay County had a tornado warning, she added.


  • If the alert settings on a person’s phone are not in the “on” position, the alerts will not come through. Mason-Cluckey said she initially thought it was an issue with her service provider. But, she too noticed her alerts were off. NWS said the only other reason.


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