You can use Android on a iPhone? Samsung has been reprimanded for promoting an app on the iPhone

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That’s why Samsung Community members were quick to point out that a recent banner image advertising new themes showcased an iPhone and not a Samsung phone. Community participants took swipe at the South Korean company by posting comments such as “Yes? Did the Galaxy have a notch? The person in charge uses an iPhone, so only the iPhone is visible,” “Android software on Apple phone haha,” and “It seems that there are some Samsung Electronics employees who do not use Samsung phones.”

We all make errors at work, but not everyone has the opportunity to correct them before they become public. Take, for example, Samsung’s promotional campaign for the Samsung Members app, which used pictures of Apple’s iPhone. Recent popular Samsung and Apple phones look nothing alike, with the former sporting hole cutouts for the selfie camera and the latter sporting a notch to accommodate the front snapper and other sensors, though the latter is reported to drop the notch in the autumn.


  • Once Samsung realized what had happened, a moderator posted a message saying that the person who was responsible for the image made a mistake and that the image would be edited, which is exactly what happened. Hello, this is Galaxy Store. The person in charge made a mistake in the process of modifying the design source file. The banner image will be modified and replaced today. Thank you for your interest in Galaxy service. We will try to provide better service. thank you


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