You Can Soon Play GTA 5 On Your Smartphone

You Can Soon Play GTA 5 On Your Smartphone

Tech News: You Can Soon Play GTA 5 On Your Smartphone.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will return to Xbox Game Pass in April, having previously been available between January and May 2020. This time, a friend arrives in the form of cloud support, so players can experience the game on their Android phone or tablet. of choice, provided they are an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will be reintroduced to Xbox Game Pass on April 8 for consoles and cloud games in particular and will be the star of a busy month for the game subscription service. Again, PC gamers, sadly, will have to look elsewhere if they want to play GTA 5 soon.

Other titles added in April include, oddly enough, Sony’s MLB The Show 21 (a Day One release on Xbox Game Pass), the fascinating indie game Rain On Your Parade, and NHL 21 via EA Play among others. Most of the month’s additions will also have support for cloud gaming, with the exception of NHL 21 and the exclusive Pathway for PC.

Grand Theft Auto 5 could also be a game changer for cloud gaming on Xbox Game Pass. This is especially true of the still hugely popular GTA Online, where a large number of players could put a lot of pressure on Microsoft’s servers.

If the addition of Grand Theft Auto 5 to Xbox’s cloud gaming service is successful, this in turn could encourage Rockstar to reintroduce Red Dead Redemption 2 to Game Pass, in turn hoping to experience cloud support alongside its online counterpart. Red Dead Online.

We also hope that playing GTA 5 via the cloud will benefit from 1080p picture quality, a feature Microsoft tested for Xbox Game Pass last month. Currently, cloud gaming via Game Pass is limited to 720p resolution. This isn’t a big deal on smaller screens, but you’ll definitely notice a drop in image quality if you’re playing games on something larger than a smartphone or tablet.