Yongnuo launches full-frame 35mm F2 lens for Sony cameras

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Yongnuo is a China-based photographic equipment company offering camera lenses, teleconverters, flashes, and more. Yongnuo products are generally affordable and considered good alternatives of branded equipment. Now, the company has launched a full-frame 35mm Sony E-mount camera lens for capturing “night scenes, street photography, food and other subjects”.

Yongnuo’s latest F2 camera lens is meant to work on E-mount full-frame camera bodies. The YN35mm f / 2S DF DSM lens features an Fn key that allows users to program a shortcut operation via the menu. This feature key feature is actually similar to other top notch Sony camera lenses.

The company says the new lens is small and light. The YN35mm f / 2S DF DSM lens is lightweight in nature as it is made of plastic with a CNC stepper motor. Yongnuo says that compared to a traditional DC motor, the digitally controlled stepper motor (DCM) has “high focusing accuracy and quieter focusing action, suitable for photo shooting and video recording “.

The 35mm F2 full-frame lens features 9 lenses in 8 groups, a nano-multilayer coating to reduce ghosting and flare, an aspherical lens to reduce aberrations, a low dispersion lens, and a 7 aperture lamellae. Although the lens is mostly made of plastic, it also features metal bayonet mounts and gold-plated contacts. Other features include autofocus, aperture control, and a USB-C port.

The price and availability of the lens are still unknown. Furthermore, users shouldn’t expect the new F2 Yongnuo 35mm full-frame lens to arrive in India.

Yongnuo is a Chinese photographic equipment company that has launched a new 35mm full-frame Sony E-mount 35mm F2 camera lens.

News Underline:

  • Yongnuo is a photographic equipment company based in China.
  • Yongnuo offers camera lenses, teleconverters, flashes and more at affordable prices.
  • Yongnuo has now launched a new Sony E-mount 35mm F2 full frame camera lens.

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