Yahoo Groups will become defunct in December 2020

Yahoo Groups, the nearly 2 decade old and one of the first group interaction platforms, is set to become defunct in December 2020. Yahoo has announced that it will be shutting down its Yahoo Groups social media service starting December 15.

The Yahoo Groups team wrote in an email to its users that the service has experienced a steady decline in usage over the past few years: “Over the same period, we have seen unprecedented levels of engagement among our properties as customers they seek premium and reliable products to satisfy. To do this, we sometimes have to make tough decisions regarding products that no longer fit our long-term strategy as we focus our attention on other areas of the business.

The option to create new groups on Yahoo Groups has already been disabled since 12 October. All Yahoo Groups services, including sending and receiving emails, will be inaccessible from December 15th. Yahoo in one of its FAQ notes that only Yahoo groups will be removed ( groups) and emails sent by Yahoo Groups. Yahoo Mail will continue to function normally.

Also note that if a user tries to send an email after the shutdown, the message will not be delivered and will receive an error notification. However, previously sent and received emails will not be deleted and will remain in the user’s email.

Yahoo suggests that users can sign up sites like it Facebook Groups, Google Groups, and, which offers a paid feature for exporting members from Yahoo groups. It also notes that only Yahoo group administrators will be able to download a complete list of group members’ email addresses.

“Thank you for helping us create one of the first digital communities – we are proud and honored to have made countless connections over the past 20 years and have played a small role in helping build your communities,” the Yahoo team wrote. ‘e-mail.

Yahoo Group has already stopped allowing the creation of new groups on the platform. The service will be completely disabled on December 15th.

News Underline:

  • Yahoo Groups will become deceased in December 2020.
  • Yahoo Groups noted that the service has experienced a steady decline in usage over the past few years.
  • Yahoo Groups was among the first social media services to provide a virtual group interaction service.