Xbox unveils the Extremely Pink controller, now available for purchase

Xbox unveils the Extremely Pink controller, now available for purchase

Not to be confused with a barely-legal imitation of legendary rock band Deep Purple, this Xbox wireless controller sports a shade of pink that’s bright and tastefully offset by a black D-pad, face buttons, and triggers. A white rear panel finishes off the look of a vibrant and funky peripheral. Xbox Deep Pink Controller Internally, you can expect the same quality as the other Core Xbox controllers introduced with the Xbox Series X|S generation.

Our editors chose the products discussed here on their own. If you buy anything featured on our site, GameSpot may receive a portion of the revenue. Xbox Unveils Extremely Pink Controller, Which Is Now Available For Purchase It is, indeed, very pink. Darryn Bonthuys posted this on May 3, 2022 at 7:45 a.m. PDT. 3 Responses Get the most recent gaming news, reviews, and deals delivered to your inbox for free! Xbox controllers are available in a wide range of colours these days, and for those who prefer a more ostentatious and in-your-face colour, good news: Deep Pink is now available.


  • If you’re a big Marvel fan, you can also check out the official Captain America Xbox controller from Razer. Recently revealed, it’s a star-spangled piece of hardware that’s inspired by the latest hero to wield the shield, former Falcon Sam Wilson.

  • The plastic is sturdy enough to handle even the mightiest of grips while playing an intense game, the texture on the controller keeps it secure in your hands, and the buttons have a satisfying amount of travel when you’re hammering in commands through them. Also worth mentioning is the battery life of the controller, as it’s capable of lasting through any marathon gaming session, whether you’re using AA batteries or a rechargeable pack that’s sold separately. The triggers are also great and feature a wonderfully nuanced sensation of haptic feedback.