Xbox Game Pass games throughout October

Xbox Game Pass games throughout October

Before the sequel to Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice finally releases, it seems as good a time as ever to play through the original. Like some other titles on this list, Hellblade is a heavily story-driven game. Some of the other aspects of the game feel a bit underdeveloped or, even at times, tacked on, such as the combat. Though it’s serviceable, Hellblade doesn’t feel like it necessarily needs it in the long run. Where the game does succeed is on a number of other technical aspects. Keep in mind that it was made before Ninja Theory was purchased by Microsoft, so the game is entirely self-published. The first thing you’ll notice is the look of Hellblade, and how eye-catching the graphics are in their visual fidelity. It’s one of the reasons why the sequel is turning heads as well, and the first game in the series, even to this day, is not something worth looking over.

Now four years out since it launched, Xbox Game Pass shows no signs of slowing down. With hundreds of games to choose from at any given moment, the service, much like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, works best when you get some solid recommendations. With that in mind, let’s try and narrow down some of the best titles currently on the service this October. Included this time around are a couple of spooky games, a classic puzzle title, and a handful of story-heavy contemporary classics.


  • For anyone who bought a PSP when it launched, Lumines: Puzzle Fusion was one of the best games you could buy. From the mind of Tetsuya Mizuguchi, it could essentially be seen as a prototype for what he would later work on nearly a decade and a half later with Tetris Effect. Seeing as it was tied to the handheld that was the PSP, it brought back great memories for many when they played Tetris on their Game Boy.

  • As it’s a title that deals with mental health issues, there’s an amount of care that’s taken in the handling of certain aspects, a trait you don’t often see in many games. To try and get the player into the headspace of Senua, Ninja Theory does a good job of utilizing certain technical features that take that even further than it would have otherwise. An example of this is the use of binaural audio, which allows for an incredibly immersive experience unseen in most games. Because of that, you’re recommended before you even start the game to play with headphones, and indeed, it does a lot to enhance the overall game experience. It’s a good game to play in a couple of gaming sessions, and due to that, it makes a nice addition to Game Pass.

It’s difficult to recommend NieR: Automata first now that we have copies of the original game in the series, NieR: Replicant readily available for purchase. However, there’s something to be said about the easy accessibility behind the game’s sequel. At the top of that list are no doubt 2B, the “main” character of the game, and her eye-catching design. That’s been the case since the first trailer, and she continues to catch people’s attention to this day. Whether you’re drawn in by her design or not, what you’re ultimately met with is one of the most compelling stories told through video games in a long time. Behind the game was Yoko Taro, who up until this point, hadn’t really had a big success to his name. For many fans of the original NieR, even getting a sequel was a surprise. The end result was truly something special, and seeing the sales and reception that came along with it was something a lot of fans of Taro had been hoping to see for years.

This time around, Lumines had a stunningly good soundtrack to go along with the entrancing visuals. Incredibly addicting, the remaster of Lumines brings the classic title to more systems, and its inclusion in Game Pass is perfect for those just wanting something to quickly pick up and play without much commitment. However, you might just find yourself coming back for more as you long to hear those sweet tunes.