With these apps, Autolycos malware infects around 3 million Android devices

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Make sure you delete these apps to secure your device
Something similar has been reported by Evina’s security researcher, Maxime Ingrao (via BleepingComputer). According to Ingrao, malware named Autolycos has been available on the Play Store that secretly subscribes the user to premium services, giving them a shock when they receive a bill and notice the amount debited from their credit or debit cards. To make matters worse, the Autolycos malware has been downloaded over 3 million times on Android devices.

It is strongly advised that you use the Google Play Store to download official apps if you want to keep your Android smartphone free of viruses or malware because there are stringent security procedures in place that all apps must follow. However, occasionally, we receive reports of dangerous apps getting past these security precautions and being added to the Play Store before finding their way to customers’ cellphones.


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  • Ingrao discovered this Autolycos malware back in June 2021 and reported it to Google. However, Google took around half a year to remove apps infected with Autolycos from the Play Store. Sadly, the measures weren’t enough, as two offending apps containing the malware remain on the Play Store. Here is the list of Autolycos malware-infected apps, that you should uninstall right away if you have them installed on your Android phone.


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