With these 5 methods to increase battery life right now, you can prevent laptop batteries from be damaged repeatedly

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When Battery Saver is on, your PC will temporarily turn off certain things that consume a lot of power. It has automatic email, calendar syncing, Live Tile updates, and apps you don’t actively use. The easiest way to extend battery life is to use Battery Saver. For this go to start. Then go to Settings and go to System. Then select the option Power and Battery. If you want Battery Saver to turn on whenever the battery drops below a certain level, then you have to choose Battery Saver. Then select the battery level of your choice. To turn on Battery Saver right away and keep it on until the next time your PC is in charging, turn on Battery Saver. Then select the battery icon in the notification. Then choose Battery saver quick setting.

In Delhi. The most popular operating system worldwide is Windows. Windows 11 is pre-installed on the majority of new laptops. Modern laptop generations all have superior batteries. However, it still won’t last all day. Windows offers its users a wide range of choices that improve battery standby and endurance. Today, we will discuss a few techniques that help lengthen the battery life of a Windows laptop.


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  • It helps to save the battery of the laptop. It reduces screen time to a great extent. For this, go to Start and then tap on Settings. After that go to System and select Power and Battery. Then choose Screen and sleep. For On battery power, select Turn off my screen.  High refresh rate improves the performance of your device but it consumes more battery. If you want to reduce the screen refresh rate, go to Start. Then go to Settings and go to System. After that go to Display and then select Advanced Display. Then choose Low refresh rate. First go to Start and then click on Settings. After that go to System and go to Display. Then choose Graphics. Under Custom Options for Apps, select the app and then select Options. After that choose Power Saving.


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