With Chrome OS Flex, breathe new life into an outdated Mac or PC

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If this solution can obviously be helpful for individuals, who have an old computer stashed away at home, it is also and above all aimed at institutions, companies or even schools, eager to revive old computer stock. The minimum requirements to use this OS are a computer equipped with an Intel or AMD x86 chip combined with at least 4 GB of RAM, and with at least 16 GB of storage space. A large majority of PCs and Macs released since 2010 are therefore theoretically suitable for Chrome OS Flex. Indeed, Google has published a (not exhaustive) list of some 400 compatible models.

For the most recent information you need to be aware of, follow us on Instagram, join our Telegram channel, and set up browser alerts. 20 July, San Francisco The free, portable, and simple-to-install ChromeOS Flex operating system from Google has been made generally available. It may be installed on a computer that was previously running Windows or macOS. Google claims that this solution would give ageing devices a fresh lease on life and keep them operating in a secure and pleasant manner.


  • Ultimately, this solution lets people continue to make use of hardware that has become obsolete under another operating system, while also reducing electronic waste. For more information or to download Chrome OS Flex, visit this link. — ETX Studio

  • Chrome OS is no longer just for Chromebooks! This streamlined version offers access to all of Google’s applications and services on a single device, with the possibility of storing all data in the cloud. Note that Google even assures users that its system is better armed than Windows to fight against cyberattacks. Installation is extremely simple. First, download the installation file and copy it to a USB flash drive. This will allow you to test the system before installing it, quickly and easily, on one or more computers.


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