With a new “What to Watch” splash screen, Roku OS 11 takes up one page from Google TV

With a new

The What To Watch screen can also show content from live TV apps like YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV and Sling TV. We’ll likely see more coming to the Roku homescreen in the near future. As this feature rolls out and more providers want to be included. Another feature that is similar to Android TV, Google TV and Chromecast that Roku is adding this time around, is a new photo screensaver. So now you can use your own photos as a screensaver when you aren’t using your TV.

Roku has officially released Roku OS 11, the next iteration of its operating system. It also offers a feature that is very similar to Google TV. Featuring a new “What to Watch” home page that helps you find what to watch on your TV without having to go through every single app. This new screen will display TV shows, movies, and other content based on what you’ve already seen. It reminds me a lot of Google TV. Of course, these suggestions will only be effective if you use Roku to watch a lot of material rather than other TV systems in your home.


  • Additionally, Roku is also adding a new voice-enabled keyboard that works on passwords too. There’s a new “Automatic Speech Clarity” mode, and new Standard, Dialogue, Movie, Music and Night sound modes for Roku Streambar and its other sound products. So when will this update start rolling out? Roku says that the update will roll out to its devices in the “coming weeks”. So that could be next week, or next month. It doesn’t seem to be a really large update, but Roku also has a pretty robust platform already that works really well. So there’s not a lot of changes that need to be made here.