Wisdom and Finance; do you have a mission? | Faith and values

  Wisdom and Finance;  do you have a mission?  |  Faith and values

Johnny, who has Down syndrome, took her words to heart. He went home and tried to think of ways to be a blessing. He decided to search the internet for a positive saying that would encourage people. He printed out 300 copies and put one of the sayings in the grocery bags while saying, “I put a saying in your bag. I hope it helps you have a good day. Thanks for coming here.”

Barbara Glanz is a motivational speaker who conducts workshops for large companies. One day she was speaking at an event for the employees of a grocery store chain. She talked to them about how they saw their life purpose, suggesting their work was more than stocking shelves or ringing up purchases. She told them every person they met was an opportunity to bless someone, to live out a higher calling or mission. The employees were all inspired, including one 19-year-old grocery bagger named Johnny.


  • A month later, the manager noticed that Johnny’s line was much longer than the others. Even when he announced no waiting in other lines, no one budged. People wanted Johnny and his messages. It filled them with hope.