Why the iPhone Mini Must Stay is a love letter for small phones and the iPhone Mini

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But is a big display truly a good thing? For many, the answer would be a definitive ‘yes’. But there are still some, including myself, that fail to understand our obsession with size. Now would be the perfect time for a small disclaimer. The majority of this article is based on my personal opinion and experience with bigger-than-average smartphones. I am not arguing in favor of small screens. I am merely trying to explain that they have some merit and that there are still users that would choose a small screen if it does not come at the expense of other compromises.

According to most reports about the upcoming iPhones, Apple may have said goodbye to the “Mini” edition of their portfolio. With users having to choose between huge and bigger, one can’t help but wonder whether some customers have been lost in the shuffle. Huge phones appear to be in vogue these days. The average size of a smartphone display has steadily increased over the last decade. When comparing the original iPhone (which had an unusually huge display for its time) to current industry standards, the former would be dwarfed by even the tiniest modern-day headsets.


  • Renders showcasing the prospective iPhone 14 lineup, based on the information available as of now. No Mini version is expected. – A love letter to small phones and the iPhone Mini: Why it has to stay
    Renders showcasing the prospective iPhone 14 lineup, based on the information available as of now. No Mini version is expected.

  • Additionally, the omission of an iPhone 14 Mini does not necessarily spell the death for smaller phones in the long run. It does indicate a clear trend, however. And this trend is precisely what I would like to discuss. What do I mean by this? By taking a look at the sale numbers for the iPhone 13, it becomes clear that big displays sell well. Very well, in fact. For the iPhone 14, Apple is rumored to be planning to introduce a cheaper non-Pro version of the Max lineup. One can only speculate as to how this decision will play out in the long run. Nevertheless, it is apparent that Apple is increasingly catering to fans of big displays and bigger smartphones.

Firstly, people underestimate how invaluable portability is. The main reason why we spend a disproportionately high amount of time on our smartphones as opposed to conventional screens is the fact that the former are always within arm’s reach. Typically, you would not need to put much thought into how you can take your smartphone with you – just place it in your pocket.

The reason why this is problematic is the fact that on Android’s side of the market it is virtually impossible to find an acceptable smartphone with a display of less than 6 inches. If Apple leaves behind their more petite options for good, small screens could disappear entirely. Now I will make my case as to why that should not happen.


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