Which iPhone they are destined to become “obsolete,” according to Apple

Which iPhone they are destined to become

If you take good care of your devices, they can last a long time. But generally, Apple considers the device obsolete seven years after they stop selling it, according to The Sun. READ MORE: Gaming consoles, stereos and other items that HMP Berwyn inmates can buy with prison-earned cash

Many people have reached a point in their lives where some things are more essential than having the most up-to-date phone model or the most flashy brand. Furthermore, with the exception of a couple of exciting new features, many of the models are pretty similar. Every year, new iPhone models are released, and the more new models released, the more probable your old phone will become obsolete. As a result, it may be time to upgrade.


  • In this case, ‘obsolete’ means that the company will no longer provide any hardware service repairs. Even if the phone still works. So which phones are currently on the dead list? And which will be on it soon? How often do you upgrade your phone? Have your say in the comments below. A55 drivers face diversion during full closure of the road. Apple defines iPhones that it stopped distributing for sale more than five and less than seven years ago as “vintage”