WhatsApp OTP scam doing the rounds, here is how you can stay safe 

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WhatsApp has become the ultimate target of scammers and hackers, who are now using OTP tricks to gain illegal account access. The messaging app is widely used around the world and this makes it more susceptible to privacy issues and scams. A lot of your important data can be derived from your conversation on WhatsApp which is precisely why hackers have chosen WhatsApp to collect your sensitive data.

The scam currently making the rounds allows scammers to hack your WhatsApp account using an OTP. You may receive a message on WhatsApp from an unknown number or the number of a friend claiming to be in some sort of emergency. The hacker will then ask you for an OTP, which he will claim to have wrongly sent to your number. When you receive messages like this, don’t indulge in further conversation or send the OTP code, which actually provides access to your WhatsApp account.

If you send the OTP code to the hacker, you will be locked out of your WhatsApp account. This would give the hacker full control of your account. He can then abuse the login and contact your other friends by following the same tricks. The hacker can also collect sensitive data or conversations that should be private. Likewise, even when you receive a message from a known contact asking for an OTP pin, don’t immediately respond or follow up on their request. You can first call him to check if the message was sent by him or it was his WhatsApp account. It’s even better if you don’t indulge in unknown contacts on WhatsApp.

So, to protect yourself from such scams, you can enable two-factor authentication on WhatsApp. Here’s what you can do to protect your account from scammers.

– Tap the three dots in the top right corner after opening WhatsApp.

– Tap the Settings option and then select Accounts.

– Then tap 2-Step Verification.

– When you select two-step verification, you get an enable option.

– When you tap enable, you will be asked to enter a six-digit PIN.

– You will be asked to enter your PIN twice, followed by your email address.

– When you confirm your email address, two-step verification will be activated. – You can disable or change the PIN by following the same step.

WhatsApp will ask you to enter your password frequently when you open the app.

WhatsApp has become the ultimate target of scammers and hackers, who are now using OTP tricks to gain illegal account access.

News Underline:

  • Hackers use OTP pins to hack users’ WhatsApp accounts.
  • Users can enable two-step verification to save themselves from such scams.
  • Two-Step Verification can be enabled from the Settings menu.

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