WhatsApp message claiming government will pay Rs 1,30,000 as COVID fund is fake

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A viral message calming the fact that the Indian government has promised to pay Rs 130,000 to all citizens is making the rounds. The message says that the amount would be paid to every citizen over eighteen years of age as a COVID fund. However, it turns out that the message is absolutely fake and yet another phishing attack launched by the cyber attackers.

It is reported that a message on WhatsApp that comes with a link claiming that the government is paying Rs 1.30,000 to all citizens is going around. The message prompts the recipient to click on the link provided to verify their eligibility for the fund. No such policy has been announced by the government, so clicking the link could lead to a phishing attack.

The fact-checking team of the Press Information Office had confirmed the Twitter that the message is absolutely false. “Claim: A message circulating on #WhatsApp claims that the government has ordered payment of 130,000 as #Covid funding to all citizens over the age of 18. PIBFactCheck: The claim is #Fake. No such announcement has been made. done by the government, ”PIB wrote Twitter.

The message has the label forwarded on WhatsApp, which means it is widely spread on the platform. Messages like these on WhatsApp are not uncommon. They are often spread with the intention of stealing sensitive information from users who click the link. This could involve your personal data inducing address, bank account details and more.

Also, when you click on a link like that, you may accidentally download malware on your phone. These are then used to steal your important’s passwords sites and social media accounts and other sensitive information. So it is always better to cross-check if you are receiving such messages on WhatsApp. Also, do not forward such messages without verifying the authenticity of the message. In this way, you not only release your personal information, but also put your contacts in trouble.

To keep your sensitive information safe, users should always encrypt their documents to avoid potential threats. Encryption is one of the most important things, it encodes a file or message so that only the person who should access it can access it and not others. It is important to encrypt all personal information on the Internet that you do not want others to access.

A viral message calming the fact that the Indian government has promised to pay Rs 130,000 to all citizens is making the rounds.

News Underline:

  • The WhatsApp message on the covid fund from the government is fake.
  • Press Information Bureau confirmed that the claim is false.
  • Such messages are sent to steal sensitive user information.

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