WhatsApp-Centre row: Pai criticises ‘double standards’ of major social media platforms

Fila WhatsApp-Center: Pai criticizes i

Business News: WhatsApp-Centre row: Pai criticises ‘double standards’ of major social media platforms.

The Indian government and the country’s laws must define and protect the privacy of citizens, TV information technology veteran Mohandas Pai said Wednesday, accusing major social media platforms such as WhatsApp of “double standards”.

Let the court decide, not WhatsApp, “he said, commenting that WhatsApp has filed a lawsuit in the Delhi High Court against the government’s new digital rules, stating that the company’s obligation to give access to messages encrypted will violate privacy protections.

The petition, filed on Tuesday evening, aims to declare the rule that requires the messaging service provider to identify the first author of any message marked as a “violation” of the privacy rights under the constitution.

“This will go to the Supreme Court,” predicted the former CFO of Infosys Ltd, a major IT based in Bengaluru, a well-known supporter of the BJP.

‘They (WhatsApp) have clear double standards. Our government and our law should define and protect our privacy, not these platforms, “Pai told PTI. WhatsApp said the traceability provision is unconstitutional and contrary to the fundamental right to privacy.

Confirming the petition’s filing in high court on Tuesday, the WhatsApp spokesperson said that “ requiring messaging apps to ‘track’ chats is the equivalent of asking us to keep a fingerprint of every single message sent on WhatsApp. which will break – end encryption and fundamentally undermine people’s right to privacy. “PTI RS SA ROH ROH