What we want to see from Apple AirTag 2

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But for now, as well as the small amount of information we’ve heard so far, we’ve included a wish list of things that we want from an AirTag 2, to make it worth buying. Right now we don’t even know if there will be an AirTag 2, but according to Ming-Chi Kuo – an analyst with a great track record for Apple information – the company might develop an AirTag 2 if shipments of the current AirTag continue to grow. Kuo’s exact phrasing is that they “believe Apple will develop the 2nd generation” under those circumstances, so it sounds like this might just be an opinion rather than any inside information, and also like development might not actually have started yet.

The audience of TechRadar supports it. We might receive an affiliate commission if you make a purchase using links on our website. Why should you believe us? Since the AirTag only launched in 2021 and can only track a limited number of items, it may not seem as like it needs a replacement. It virtually ever needs upgrades, thus Apple may be working on an AirTag 2. We’ll go into more depth about this below, but a respectable expert has made this claim. Once we learn of any new information regarding the AirTag 2, it will be posted in this article.


  • This is Apple we’re talking about, so it’s no surprise that AirTag doesn’t work with Android, but it would be a far more desirable and popular device if it did. Obviously, that would open it up to Android users, of which there are far more globally than iPhone users. But it would also make it more appealing to those who own an iPhone now, but who don’t necessarily plan to always do so. And AirTag isn’t the sort of thing that would convince someone to switch to iPhone for, so there’s really no obvious reason to lock out Android. So while we’d be incredibly surprised if AirTag 2 did support Android, we really hope it does.

  • So we wouldn’t count on seeing an AirTag 2 at all, and if we do it probably won’t arrive before 2023 at the absolute earliest. There’s no news on what the Apple AirTag 2 might cost, but for reference the original AirTag retails for $29 / £29 / AU$45 if you buy one, or $99 / £99 / AU$149 if you buy a pack of four. We’d think the AirTag 2 would probably have a similar price, but it might not depending on what upgrades it has. Other than a vague suggestion that Apple might make an AirTag 2, there’s no news at all about it yet. We’ll fill out this section as soon as that changes. The AirTag arrived fully formed, so there’s not a huge amount of room for improvement, but there are a few things that Apple could do with an AirTag 2, such as the following.

While we don’t feel the AirTag is overly fragile, our review noted that it did become easily scuffed in just a few days of use, so for the AirTag 2 we’d like a design that’s easier to keep pristine. Given the nature of the AirTag that might be tricky, particularly if you’re attaching it to a bag, or some other thing where it’s exposed to the outside world, but we’re sure Apple can manage it. The original Apple AirTag has an IP67 rating, meaning that it’s splash and water resistant to a depth of up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. That should probably be plenty, but it’s less than some phones (such as the iPhone 13 line), and given that your AirTag might be more exposed to the elements, we’d like to see an improvement here.


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