What is your vaccination priority score?

(Second of two parts)

A patient told me that their barangay official informed them that their 85-year-old bedridden mother, who had already suffered two strokes, is at high risk for COVID-19 and is considered a priority for vaccination. I advised my patient that the family should weigh the pros and cons of vaccinating the mother more carefully before consenting to her vaccination.

This highlights the need for a more rational government policy in identifying those who are suitable for vaccination and prioritizing them.

The government should aim for a more realistic goal of vaccinating 70 percent of the population, who are fit to be vaccinated. The qualifying word “suitable” should be emphasized. Aiming for a 100% vaccination is only rhetorical or even irrational and scientifically unfounded.

Evidence is mounting that the vaccine could even be potentially harmful to some people. It is not a valid proposal for everyone. Hence, the government cannot simply make a radical plan to vaccinate everyone.

Informed consent

It is assumed that vaccination is the most viable option we have at the moment for the country to survive this …

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