What Goalry CEO Ethan Taub said at the MX Money Experience Summit

About: Founded in 2015, California-based Goalry is a platform to reach financial goals and comparison shop for any money matter.

Benzinga had a chance to interview Goalry founder and CEO Ethan Taub, one of the many financial executives, influencers, and fintech leaders in attendance.


  • “It was about the consumer being able to go to one place to find everything finance-related in terms of personal finance budgets, debt, wealth, all-in-one,” the enterprise marketing and fintech veteran said. “We’ve come up with a way to have multiple offers under one brand and platform.”

  • The company was founded to solve a problem; specifically, Taub was concerned with how to make finance more unified.

“If you ask any common person, they don’t want to have to think about their finances,” Taub said. “They want a lot of automation, although they’re very interested in seeing all of their areas of finance in one place. If you can make that easy and provide them the insights they need, they’re going to become as addicted to it as their social media feed.”

Tools: Key functionalities of Goalry include bill pay and spend tracking, budgeting, and planning, cash flow analysis, debt payoff tracking and planning, insurance and loan shopping, investment and retirement building, among other things.

Focus: When asked about vision and approach, Taub explained Goalry’s intent to outwork and beat the competition on centralization.

“I’ve studied this industry and what ends up happening is this sort of fragmentation where you have these mega-brands buying up all of these companies and then just sort of having different platforms and brands trying to work together.”

“Our whole thing is to solve that problem with one brand with many offers on one platform.” The Benzinga Global Fintech Awards return Nov. 9 for a full day of Dealmaking, Networking, and Recognition

Story continues Outlook: Goalry allows users a platform to discover financial possibilities, receive guidance on complex matters, as well as garner the motivation to transform and achieve goals.

Working alongside data and technology partners like MX, who Goalry recently teamed up with on aggregation and money management tools, Taub sees the company’s growth accelerating. “Our theme is basically an experience that has levels to it. It’s a virtual mall,” so to speak, Taub said. “We’re going to be adding all kinds of things like being able to have goals that are specific. We’re also going to add a retail layer. So, when you hit your goals, you can click once and purchase.”

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