What games will you play this weekend

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I’m actually looking forward to spending a few hours with Assassin’s Creed Origins this weekend, following its PS5 patch. I’m really interested in seeing how it holds up roughly five years after its release, especially having played a lot of Odyssey and Valhalla since. You guessed it: more Final Fantasy XIII! It’s still pretty linear, but it’s still pretty good.

An incredible week ended with probably the finest State of Play of all time, reigniting our excitement for the summer showcase programme. However, while there is plenty to anticipate in the future, there are games to be played right now. Here’s what we’ve got planned. I’m bouncing about between a few different games till I find something I like, but if I have a chance, I guess I’ll finish my Platinum in Horizon Forbidden West.


  • After noticing that one of my mates was dipping their toe back in the Battlefront 2 waters, I’ve got this old boy reinstalled and have been having a blast with it. I fully intend to showcase that Stormtrooper aim across the entire weekend. The four game PS4 Wonder Boy Collection just released on Friday, where I think the Mega Drive’s 1994 Monster World IV will be the standout game to grab people’s time and attention.


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