West Tenth App Encourages Women To Start Business From Home, Don’t Join MLM – TechCrunch

A new digital marketplace called West Tenth, now backed by $ 1.5 million in initial funding, wants to offer women a platform to start and grow their businesses from home. Through its mobile app, women can promote their business to others in the local community, then send inquiries and inquiries via the app’s built-in messaging platform, as well as finalize transactions via in-app payments.

The startup was co-founded by Lyn Johnson and Sara Sparhawk, who met when they both worked in the financial sector. Johnson remained in the financial sector, but Sparhawk later moved on to work at Amazon.

Johnson explains that her experience has led her to better understand the economic inequality of women in the United States, where they only own 32 cents per dollar in financial assets than men. A great pilot of …

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