West Ferris school is still there apple by Applel’occhio

West Ferris school is still there apple by Applel'occhio

The tech giant best known for their iPhone, iMac, and iPad, also acknowledge schools throughout the world “that demonstrate Apple’s vision for learning with technology,” the company explains on their site.

West Ferris Intermediate and Secondary School has recently been designated an Apple Distinguished School from now until the end of 2024.


  • Part of innovation is getting “students future-ready,” the Near North District School Board explained. To ensure the future begins now, “educators and students” at West Ferris “use iMac, MacBook Air, and iPad to create innovative, personalized teaching and learning experiences.”

  • “And we believe they are some of the most innovative schools in the world.”

Recognition from Apple “reaffirms our deep commitment to a cycle of innovation that continues to be a driving force for positive growth at our school.”

Sean Ruddy, West Ferris’ interim principal is “very excited to be continuing our journey as an Apple Distinguished School.”

Moreover, Apple’s recognition “will help inspire staff and students to continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with using technology in the classroom,” explained teacher Brent Yacoback.

Student Kendall Rosilius, a boundary pusher herself, is “very excited to learn West Ferris has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished school again.”

“It’s great that future students will be able to benefit from the same opportunities that I’ve had as an iCoach at West Ferris.” “West Ferris students use MacBook, iMac, and iPad to facilitate, enhance and redefine” the education experience, the school board enthuses, noting “learning is no longer defined by what is going on in the classroom, but rather, has emerged as a 24-7 experience.”

Indeed, the STEAM program at West Ferris (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math = STEAM), is going strong, and with Apple’s continued designation, “the evolution of learning”—STEAM’s motto—is looking bright. Apple, of course, operates other R&D offices and app development centers on multiple continents, not to mention its sprawling supply chain operations in China and Brazil.

However, the new Hyderabad developer center launches as Apple is trying to find some much-needed sales opportunities in India at a time when overall sales growth is harder to come by. In addition to hiring locally, Apple is also said to be planning the launch of its first-ever branded retail stores in the country to entice customers.

On a conference call with analysts last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook touted India as a “rapidly expanding” market and said the company will re-double its investments there.