Wednesday Wallpapers: 2022-05-18 Android Wallpapers

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Deal: 85% off Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 (Updated: Back in stock!) For the newest walls as well as all the ones from previous weeks, check out this Drive link. Want to submit your own? Head to the bottom of this article. Another week, another set of awesome Android wallpapers for you to share! Remember that we are always looking for submissions from our readers. Head to the bottom of this article to find out how you could have one of your images featured in an upcoming Wallpaper Wednesday!

Here’s a weekly roundup of Android wallpapers provided by our readers and Android Authority staff! Wallpaper Wednesday is back! We’ll provide you a few Android wallpapers to download and use on your phone, tablet, or even laptop/PC in our weekly selection. Images will come from both Android Authority employees and our readers. All are sans watermarks and are free to use. JPG and PNG are the file types, and we’ll give photographs in both landscape and portrait configurations, so they’ll work on a variety of displays.


  • From the Android Authority team, we have a peaceful sunset beach shot from Matt Horne. We also have a terrific red light photo as shot by Rita El Khoury. Finally, we have a spectacular drone shot from Jonathan Feist. Be sure to download these photos in their high resolutions from this Drive link! We are very excited to see your own contributions to our Wallpaper Wednesdays project. Before submitting, here are the rules:

  • We’ve got three awesome images from our readers that would look great on your phone, tablet, or PC. As usual, we also have some images from the Android Authority team. First, we have an amazing shot of Hohenzollern Castle in Germany from reader Gustavo Molitor Porcides. Gustavo captured that from Zeller Horn, a mountain in Baden-Württemberg. Next, we have a similarly incredible photo of a bridge along the Oregon coast as shot by Lynden Jeppesen. Unbelievably, Lynden captured that with a Google Pixel 3a!. Finally, we have an eerily beautiful shot of a blue morning Yosemite as photographed by Avin Tan using a Google Pixel 2. Thanks for your submissions, all!

Your submissions should be your own creation. That means photos you took, digital art you created, etc. Please don’t submit other people’s work. That’s just not cool. You must agree to let Android Authority share your Android wallpapers for free with anyone who wants them. We will not accept watermarked images. You will, however, get a credit and a link in the article itself. We can link to your website, your Twitter, your Instagram, etc. Ready to submit? Send us an email by clicking here. You’ll need to include the highest-resolution version of the image you can provide, your name, and a brief description of what the image is. If you want us to link to a page you own in your credit, please provide that, too, but that’s optional.


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