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OPINION During the past two weeks I have been involved in discussions regarding political efforts to change the cultural practices of American agriculture. The discussions lead to various terms that we have all heard: “new green deal”, “climate change”, “carbon credits”, “carbon tax (s)”, etc .; we all know the list. After debates like this, I like to take some quiet time to digest the discussion, reflect on different points of view and consider the logic these perspectives have in solving the problem or achieving the goal.

The more I have pondered the issues and sources of discontent with US agriculture, the more I resent – I should even say angry – I become. The half million farmers and ranchers engaged in productive agriculture to make a living probably represent the self-evaluating and self-improving industry in America. Knowledge is a collection of life experiences; teaching is sharing those experiences with others. Farmers have learned through tens of thousands of real-life successes and failures …

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