Warning from WhatsApp CEO for Indian Android users

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The company’s security research team found some malicious apps that claim to offer services similar to WhatsApp. Cathcart pointed out that apps like “Hey WhatsApp” from a developer called “HeyMods” are dangerous and people should avoid downloading them. The team found that these apps promise to offer some new features to users, but that is just a scam to steal personal information stored on people’s phones. Also Read – Instagram, TikTok eating into Google’s core services, suggests top executive ADVERTISEMENT “We’ll of course continue our efforts to.

Users are being strongly cautioned by WhatsApp to be wary of imitations of the messaging service. Will Cathcart, the CEO of WhatsApp, is urging users not to use the modified version of the app since doing so could get them into serious problems. One of the most widely used instant messaging apps worldwide, WhatsApp, makes it simple for con artists to trick people using a variety of methods. Additionally, check out U&i’s New Range of Accessories for Smart Travelers.


  • The original version of the messaging app. This helps protect your chats and personal data so that no one can access your data, not even WhatsApp. The new fake version of WhatsApp is not visible on the Play Store, but users who try to download the apps from unofficial sources should be careful before installing them on their phones. People are recommended to download the official version of WhatsApp through the company website or through trusted app stores like Google Play Store.

  • detect and block these kinds of apps going forward. We’re also taking enforcement action against HeyMods to stop future harm, and will further explore legal options to hold HeyMods and others like them accountable,” Cathcart said on Twitter. Also Read – 5 cool gadgets to carry for your monsoon travel ADVERTISEMENT While modded or fake versions of WhatsApp may offer features similar to WhatsApp, keep in mind that they don’t offer the end-to-end encryption feature that you get with.


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