Walmart offers a great deal on Apple’s iPad Air 2020, but there’s a catch

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For those who’ve never heard of that 2020-released service, its goal is obviously the same as Amazon’s Prime program, specifically to earn and reward the loyalty of the retailer’s most devoted customers. Among others, said customers can now get an entry-level Wi-Fi-only version of Apple’s 2020 iPad Air with 64GB storage at a new all-time low price of $399.  The completely unprecedented deal is good for no less than five color options as of this writing, ranging from space gray to silver, blue, gold, and green, although something tells us that won’t be true for the entire duration of the Walmart+ Weekend.

If you’re a seasoned deal shopper, you’ve probably already begun putting money down for the upcoming Amazon Prime Day 2022 extravaganza. However, if the e-commerce behemoth is unlikely to entice you to spend any of that money on “regular” non-Prime-exclusive items this weekend, the competitors may have a better chance. The first-of-its-kind Walmart+ Weekend sale has begun with significantly less excitement at Amazon’s arch-rival, and will continue until Sunday, June 5, only for Walmart+ members.


  • At $399 (give or take 13 bucks for “premium” Walmart+ access), this bad boy continues to shine in the value department despite being crushed as far as raw power goes by its 2022 sequel. Everything from the Apple A14 Bionic processor to the Liquid Retina display, stellar battery life, powerful stereo speakers, top-mounted fingerprint scanner, and stylus support makes the iPad Air (2020) an unrivaled choice for tablet buyers on a budget.

  • Unfortunately, while new Walmart+ members can technically get free access to the program’s benefits for 30 days, you will need to pay for either a monthly or yearly plan to then be able to snag a deeply discounted fourth-gen iPad Air. On the bright side, a monthly membership costs a measly $12.95, so even if you only get that for this particular device, you’re looking at a pretty much unbeatable deal. Available back in the day starting at a whopping $600, the iPad Air 4 is currently marked down to $500 at Best Buy, for instance, while Amazon recently dropped the 10.9-inch tablet as low as $470.


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