Victims remember when Frankfurt beat Bayern in Bundeslig| Football

BERLIN (AP) – After scoring the winning goal to help Eintracht Frankfurt beat Bundesliga leader Bayern Munich 2-1, Amin Younes’ first thought was for the victims of a racist attack.

27-year-old Younes ran directly to the sidelines, where he displayed a commemorative shirt with the name and portrait of Fatih Saraçoğlu, one of nine people of immigrant origin killed in a fury by a gunman in the nearby city of Hanau, just over a year ago.

The Frankfurt players had warmed up for the league match wearing commemorative T-shirts with “say their names” on the front and the names and faces of individual victims on the back. Ferhat Unvar, Hamza Kurtović, Said Nesar Hashemi, Vili Viorel Păun, Mercedes Kierpacz, Kaloyan Velkov, Sedat Gürbüz, Gökhan Gültekin and Saraçoğlu were all remembered, continuing The commemorations of Friday on the anniversary of the murders.

Younes, who troubled Bayern’s defense in the first half, got involved in one goal, then scored the other while …

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