Valheim will arrive on Xbox One next year and PC Game Pass will be available this fall

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The Norse-themed cooperative survival game was released into Early Access on Steam in February of last year when it quickly blew up in popularity, selling over 3 million copies in its first few weeks on sale. For people like myself who never took the plunge on Valheim, its addition to PC Game Pass in a few months is a welcomed sight, as is its inclusion in the Microsoft Store on Windows.

Despite the lack of a video at this weekend’s Xbox and Bethesda expo, eagle-eyed spectators may have noticed a popular survival game amid the 2023 Xbox releases in a photograph near the conclusion of the programme. Valheim will not only be coming to Game Pass on PC this fall, but will also be going to consoles and will be exclusive to Xbox when it opens in 2023, according to today’s confirmation.


  • The other big news for Valheim is three-fold. First, the game is officially coming to consoles for the first time. There has been talk of its eventuality since controller support was added to the PC version earlier this year, but it’s nice to finally have confirmation. When this port does land on Xbox sometime in the first half of 2023, full cross-play will be enabled to team up with any number of PC and console players. Although, no other consoles will be involved since Microsoft has locked down console exclusivity for Valheim, so don’t expect to see the game show up on PlayStation or Switch anytime soon. If you can’t wait until Valheim joins Game Pass on your Microsoft platform of choice, it’s available to purchase right now on Steam.


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