Using an app, the Nocs Design NS1100 AIR wireless audiophile earphones calibrate themselves to your ears

Using an app, the Nocs Design NS1100 AIR wireless audiophile earphones calibrate themselves to your ears

In fact, the process produces an accurate model of your sense of hearing in under 3 minutes. Meanwhile, each model uses information about how hearing affects the brain, resulting in an excellent performance.

Customize your audio to your ears with the Nocs Design NS1100 AIR audiophile wireless earbuds. These earbuds calibrate to your ears using a connected app that works with Audiodo Personal Sound for music that fits you.


  • Additionally, the Transparency Mode filters in outside sound when you want it. Finally, with up to 30 hours of battery life with the case, you really can listen all day long.

  • What’s more, the 9.2 mm Graphene drivers rely on cutting-edge technology and deliver an incredible audio experience. Moreover, the hybrid ANC blocks noise at a range of frequencies and eliminates buzz. Furthermore, the Airoha—Bluetooth 5.0 dual-mode—gives you a crystal-clear voice.

Just the way you test your eyesight while getting prescription spectacles (instead of just assuming you’ve got bad eyesight and wearing thick lenses), it’s important to test your hearing while buying TWS earphones too – a process that Nocs believes is key to the entire user experience.

While every single audio tech company tries to arduously build what they believe are the ‘best’ earphones or headphones, there’s a crucial step that they all leave out – testing your hearing.

The Nocs NS1100 Air are perhaps one of the only pairs of earphones that actually calibrate to your hearing, so that they sound good to YOU.

The process takes all of 3 minutes and occurs just once – right as you wear the earphones for the first time.

The earphones come along with the Nocs smartphone app which uses Audiodo’s cutting-edge audiometry to generate an incredibly precise and thorough model of a user’s sense of hearing. The entire process takes under 3 minutes and runs calibration for each ear separately, specifically tuning the audio exactly to your preferences and your hearing.