Users who use CarPlay can take advantage of it from a new Google Maps update for the iPhone

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But as I said earlier, there’s a good chance this Google Maps update corrects not one but two major annoyances reported by users in the previous builds, or at least, it includes additional refinements in this regard to improve the performance in certain scenarios. First and foremost, it’s the route indicator problem that I told you about earlier this month. Google Maps sometimes forgets to show the route you’re following on the map, therefore making it harder to figure out which way you need to go. This glitch first showed up on Android Auto, but Google has already addressed it on its own platform.

The most recent Google Maps update for Apple devices may be excellent news for users, even though Google infrequently publishes a changelog for upgrades to Google Maps for Android and iOS. Android Auto Sygic Android Auto and TomTom navigation Android Auto and Google Maps Android Auto and Google Maps Android Auto and Google Maps. Let’s look at the most important details first. The deployment is now underway, so if you haven’t already received the update, just manually check for new versions. The most recent Google Maps build for iOS is 5.72, and it is presently accessible through the App Store. Google claims that Google Maps now includes “bug fixes to improve the product” in the official changelog, which only provides general information.


  • A Google Maps update for iOS released in mid-June also introduced additional improvements for this problem, and now after installing this update, the whole thing appears to be gone for everybody. Of course, no confirmation for this bug fix exists just yet. And then, Google Maps appears to include additional GPS tracking improvements, as the app no longer loses tracking for some users. This happened mostly sporadically on iPhones out there, but some of the users who previously struggled with Google Maps because it could no longer follow them on the map claim the whole thing is gone and everything is running correctly now. To determine the version of Google Maps you’re running on your iPhone, launch the app, tap the profile icon in the top right corner, go to Settings, and expand the About, terms and privacy section.


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