US govt prepares antitrust charges against Google, search dominance on radar

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Google is facing one of the largest antitrust cases in the US today as the Justice Department is planning to sue the tech giant for illegally monopolizing online search and ad markets. The lawsuit was reportedly filed by Attorney General William Bar in the United States Courthouse where the Justice Department said Google is acting as the internet’s gatekeeper.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the lawsuit against Google claims that the company “is maintaining its status as a guardian of the Internet through an illegal network of foreclosure and interconnected trade agreements that exclude competitors.” The allegations do not include Google’s targeted advertising activity, but emphasize its role in search and advertising through its search engine.

This makes this case against Google one of the largest in US history in which the US government will carry out parallel investigations into Google by the Department of Justice and several attorneys general individually. According to WSJ, there are more than 10 attorneys assigned by the DoJ who are filing separate antitrust charges against Google led by Sundar Pichai.

A previous case of a similar magnitude forced Google to spit out huge fines, as well as introduce a change in the company’s AdSense policy after the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a lawsuit against the company in 2013. Similar lawsuits against Google have emerged in Europe where the European Commission has imposed a fine of up to 4.3 billion euros in several cases, including that for AdSense policies.

Google has yet to formally acknowledge this lawsuit, but it’s bound to rock the company that’s already under the scanner. In July, Google’s Sundar Pichai was among Big’s bosses Tech companies that appear in the session of Congress. Google has been accused of using its Internet dominance to take down its competitors. “Our documents show that Google has evolved from a turnstile to the rest of the Web to a walled garden that keeps more and more users within its sites”One of the congressmen said.

In one of the biggest lawsuits to be filed today, the US government will tighten the noose on Google.

News Underline:

  • The US government has filed a new antitrust lawsuit against Google.
  • Google is alleged to be abusing its power to shut down its competitors in search ads.
  • Google has yet to publicly acknowledge the lawsuit against it.

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