Update on Android Auto Coolwalk: New information emerges before public launch

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In the meantime, however, more information on the progress made by Google on Coolwalk behind closed doors emerges thanks to a post from reddit user ahmadravat. Enabled on a rooted device, Coolwalk now seems to be running smoother on smaller screen sizes, with a photo showing precisely how the new experience will be rendered on such a display. Coolwalk was designed from the very beginning to enable users to run multiple apps side-by-side on the same screen, regardless of its size, using dedicated cards.

Google stated at the I/O conference earlier this year that the public distribution of the significant Coolwalk update to Android Auto would begin in the summer. The updated Auto UI for Android The updated Auto UI for Android The updated Auto UI for Android The updated Auto UI for Android the new Auto UI for Android. Everyone now anticipates Coolwalk going online in August as part of the update to version 8.0, with only one month left in the summer.


  • At this point, it looks like the navigation bar at the bottom only comes in black, and changing it to a daytime visual style isn’t possible. It’s not clear if Google plans to add such a setting when Coolwalk is ready for prime time or if the bar will just remain black.  And last but not least, it looks like the app support for the card-based UI continues to be very limited, as not all developers have updated their software in preparation for the debut of Coolwalk. In fact, not even Google appears to be in a rush to do this, as Waze, which is currently one of the most popular navigation apps on Android Auto, doesn’t come with support for the Coolwalk interface.

  • With an approach inspired by the CarPlay dashboard, Coolwalk, therefore, makes it possible to have essential Android Auto apps, including navigation software, music players, and phone calls, on the same screen, even when the display doesn’t measure more than 7 inches.


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