Update for Samsung Android 12: These smartphones now have One UI 4.0

Update for Samsung Android 12: These smartphones now have One UI 4.0

Like Pixels, Android 12 on Samsung devices forces all widgets to have rounded corners and also adopts a new design language for some of those widgets. Some of Samsung’s stock apps have been updated with a new design language, too, and Android 12’s Dynamic Color feature works like a charm. The feature can pull colors from your wallpaper and apply them to system accents and many apps. There are also numerous privacy enhancements in Android 12, with new indicators that visibly show when the microphone or camera are in use, even if it’s in the background. Users can choose to give apps only an approximate location instead of a precise one, and there’s a Privacy Dashboard in the Settings to easily show which apps are using sensitive permissions.

Although Android 12 is still in its early stages, Samsung is releasing the upgrade for its Galaxy smartphones less than a month after Google’s Pixel phones. More devices will be upgraded in the coming months, and Samsung has verified a preliminary list of such products. What new features does Android 12 bring to Samsung Galaxy devices? On a visual level, Android 12 is one of the platform’s greatest improvements ever, yet the majority of the design changes are exclusively exclusive to Google Pixel smartphones. However, with One UI 4.0, Samsung has made certain adjustments to the smartphone.


  • Samsung opened up the Galaxy S20 to its Android 12 update in beta in November of 2021, with the devices scheduled to be updated in January and February of 2022. In December, the beta expanded to Galaxy S10 devices. After a brief hiccup in its rollout, Samsung resumed the wide rollout of Android 12 to the Galaxy S21 series around Christmas, and opened the floodgates a few days later to the entire Galaxy S20 series as well as the older Galaxy S10 lineup. Those devices weren’t expected to get Android 12 until early 2022, but the US models including carrier variants didn’t see the update until January and February.

  • smartphones and tablets that will eventually be updated is quite long, and generally speaking includes every device released within the past two years, and flagships going even further back. So far, Samsung has confirmed the following devices for updates to Android 12. Devices newly added to Samsung’s official list are marked in bold. The list starts with Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series, which has already seen its update roll out to device owners in the US, on carriers, and in other regions around the world. Samsung will further update the entire Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S10 lineups to Android 12 in the first couple of months of 2022.

The Galaxy S10 5G followed just a few days later as it arrived in some parts of Europe with the Galaxy S10 Lite seeing its update in early January, over a month ahead of schedule The Galaxy S10 5G saw its Android 12 update expand to the US and Korea around January 17. Galaxy S20 FE’s update arrived in the US in early January, alongside a continually wider rollout to carrier variants of the rest of the S20 series. The Galaxy S10 series saw its Android 12 update in the US around January 19, and in Canada about a week later on January 28.